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      1. Shipping and Returns


        Do You Honor Free Shipping?

        Free Ground Shipping on all U.S. oders is valid exclusively at www.fzjss.com. Offer is valid for orders shipping within the continental United States (including Puerto Rico). Eligible customers must select ground shipping during checkout in order to receive complimentary shipping. Offer is good for the order's "ship-to" address for domestic travel. If another shipping option or international shipping is chosen, additional charges will apply. No adjustments can be made on previous purchases. Offer is non-transferable and subject to change without notice. Offer valid exclusively at www.fzjss.com. No cash value. Void where prohibited by law.


        Due to the impact of COVID-19, please allow 3-5 business days to process your order due to additional precautions our fulfilment center is taking.

        We currently offer 3 shipping methods for Domestic orders: Ground Shipping, 2-Day Shipping, and Overnight Shipping. Ground Shipping takes an estimated 5 - 7 business days. 2-Day Shipping takes an estimated 2 business days. Overnight Shipping takes an estimated 1 business day. *Orders placed before 11:00 am PST will generally be shipped out on the same day. Please note that all shipping times are in business days. Weekends and Holidays are not considered business days; therefore, items will not be shipped during these days.

        *Note that there could be a delay in processing your order if we encounter any issues with the billing information provided."

        How Are Products Shipped?

        *Orders placed before 11:00 am PST will generally be shipped out on the same day. Orders placed after 11:00 am PST will generally be shipped out on the following day with the exception of orders placed on a Friday. Those orders will ship out on the following Monday or next Business day (if Monday is a holiday). You will be notified via email once your order has been shipped. Shipping times can vary based on method chosen and delivery location. International orders must clear import/export regulations which could add to the shipping time of an order. International customers will be responsible for all taxes and duties associated with the shipment of their order.

        Orders are shipped via the shipping method chosen at the time the order was placed. Please note that all shipping times are in business days. We currently offer 3 UPS shipping methods for Domestic orders: Ground (5-7 business days), 2-Day Shipping (2 business days), and Overnight Shipping (1 business day). International orders will be shipped by USPS.

        We, unfortunately, do not ship to P.O. Box and APO/FPO addresses. 

        *Note that there could be a delay in processing your order if we encounter any issues with the billing information provided.

        What Is Your Return Policy?

        In light of recent events, we've extended our Return Policy. Blank NYC will accept returns* for items purchased on the BlankNYC.com store that are received back within 60 days from the delivery date for a refund. Returns received after 60 days from the delivery date will receive a store credit. Please allow up to 10 business days to process your return due to additional precautions our fulfillment center is taking.

        *No returns are allowed on Final Sale items.

        How to Return an Item?

        All returns require a valid Return Merchandise Authorization # (RMA). You can request your RMA # and review our complete Return Policy by clicking below:


        How will my return be processed?

        Once a return arrives at our warehouse, it will take us 10 to 14 days to receive, inspect, and process. You will be notified via email once your return has been completed.

        Rejected returns will be sent back to the shipping address on your original order and Blank NYC is not responsible for any orders lost in transit.


        What Happens If My Shipment Is Refused/Cannot Be Delivered?

        Shipped items that are either refused by the customer or cannot be delivered by the carrier, will be returned to Blank NYC and the customer will be credited for the product cost and tax, less shipping and handling. Customer will be required to place a new order and will be responsible for any associated shipping charges.

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